Trent Brooks is a small town musician who plays a big country sound. Hailing from Lehi, Utah he’s set to be the next voice on the country music charts .

Brooks has been belting out country songs since he was five years old, a full three years before he’d ever lay his hands on his first guitar. Music is a natural talent, thanks to his father’s side of the family. He also grew up idolizing musicians such as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.

During his teens, Trent Brooks discovered the Southern Rock Greats like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band, Black Oak Arkansas, The Outlaws, The Allman Brothers Band and many more. He was instantly hooked and practiced hard to hone in on his own musical edge! His father was shocked, “When you were young, I couldn’t get you to practice…now, all you want to do is play that damn guitar!”

Eventually, he would relocate to Montana. There, he would concentrate his efforts on raising his family. Brooks thought his music life was over…until the day a local musician asked to join him onstage. And just like that, it all rushed back to him just like it never left.

With his current line-up, Trent Brooks covers vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, and jokes that he likes to leave the bass and drums to the professionals. Trent Brooks might also include piano, fiddle, pedal steel guitar, or a combination of all of them. Perfect for large shows, and perfect for playing smaller venues that wouldn’t normally host live music. Trent Brooks brings a whole new dynamic to the style and sound he discovered years ago.

Like any true country singer, Brooks sings, and writes honest tales of a simple, working man’s life. “I think of my music is an element that allows people that have never met before to have some common ground with each other,” he explains. “Feelings, events, and things that make a great song are common threads through all people and allow them to connect on an emotional level with music as the catalyst.”

Trent Brooks is currently recording songs for his sophomore album release date to be announced.

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